*  Who shows up to photograph our wedding?

I do! I work hands-on with every couple before the wedding, so you better believe I'm the one who shows up to photograph it! For most of my weddings, I bring a second photographer and/or assistant along to maximize coverage and help with equipment. 

*  How long do you stay at our wedding?

Standard wedding day coverage is typically 8 hours, which is ample time to cover getting ready through most of your reception, if not the entire thing. Variables such as travel time between wedding day locations, a long cocktail hour, or a first look also play into your timeline. We will work together to make sure all your important moments are covered! Adding extra hours on to your day is always a possibility as well. Conversely, if you only want four hours of coverage, I am happy to customize a wedding day package tailored to your day!

*  Do you photograph more than one wedding in a day? 

No way! The day of your wedding is all yours and only yours. I don't photograph families in the morning or meet with potential clients over brunch. I get up, make sure all my gear is charged and packed, and I want to leave plenty of time to get to you! 

*  What do you wear to our wedding? 

I can tell you what I don't wear - heels! My wedding day outfit usually consists of black pants and a black shirt of some sort, but I try to match the tone of your wedding. If you're having a black tie affair, my outfit will be fancier. If you're getting married on the beach, I might rock some nice black shorts (as long as my pasty white skin isn't too blinding). If your wedding leans towards the retro, I might throw an art deco inspired headband on. In the end, I'm aiming for two things. One is comfort - I need to be able to move quickly and I need to be able to kneel, lie down, stand on my tip-toes, and get out on the dance floor in whatever I'm wearing. Two, I want to be as unobtrusive as possible, so I'm never going to wear something loud or crazy or distracting. 

*  How long after the wedding will we see our photos?

The turn-around time is typically 4-6 weeks. I work really hard to get all of your images delivered on the earlier side of that estimate, but occasionally, life gets in the way. I try to post a few photos on Facebook in the first 48 hrs or so as a little sneak peek, though. 

*  How many images do you deliver to us? 

After all is said and done, I usually deliver somewhere between 600 and 800 images. Every wedding is so unique; there could never be an exact number. What you see in your gallery are the edited, high-resolution images from your wedding. I combine my photos with those of my second photographer and weed out all the blinks, the blurs, the duplicates, and give you the best of the best!

*  Do you work off of a shot list? 

I always ask my couples  ahead of time to email me a list of the people they want included in their "formal portraits." It gives me a chance to familiarize myself with everyone's names and their relationships to the couple. If I can help it, I try not to say, "Hey, tall guy, can you squat down a little?" or "Lady in red, can you squeeze a little closer?" If there are people you want photographed outside of your immediate family, I recommend appointing a "photo boss" to round everyone up. That way, I can photograph you with your aunts and uncles, your high school friends, and your kickass coworkers, and still get all the important reception moments and wacky dancing photos. Also, trust that I will always photograph your vows, your first kiss, the cake cutting, the parent dances, and a million little moments in between. If you want to give me a heads-up about a special dance, song, cake, or let me know that there's something embroidered on the inside of your wedding dress, then bring it on! I am happy to have that written down somewhere.

* Do you mind if our guests take pictures? 

Of course not! It's a special day for them, too, and they want to share in the excitement! The one time I want us to have a little "privacy" is when I photograph the two of you alone. I want that time to be more relaxed and intimate and sometimes a peanut gallery gets in the way. I'm happy to take my photo first and then let your aunt take hers. Sometimes I even snag a photo that your cousin has already set up! You hire me to capture the best photos possible of your wedding day and chances are, your enthusiastic family members are not going to get in my way. And if they do, I'm not afraid to throw an elbow. 

* What happens if you get sick? 

I would have to be pretty broken to back out of photographing a wedding! That being said, I belong to a wonderful community of photographer friends who are always happy to step in in an emergency. Also, since I work with a second photographer, there is already a capable photographer with your wedding day on their calendar, in pen! 

* Do you have back-up equipment? 

Yes, yes, and more yes! I always carry at least two camera bodies, multiple flashes, multiple lenses, and multiple batteries. And remember that second photographer? They ALSO have at least one full set of equipment on them. 

* We want to hire you! What happens next?

Let's get together! I would love to meet with both of you so that I can learn more about the two of you and your wedding day. An in-person meeting also gives me the chance to put some album samples in your hands and to answer any other questions that may pop up. So, your next step is to fill out my contact form. A signed contract and a non-refundable retainer cement the deal! 


If you have any other questions, you can always call me at 781.570.9214 or email me at meg@megbelangerweddings.com. I look forward to hearing from you!